Phenomenal New Year! It’s Pur-T Marketing Madness

Blog Intro by Jacqueline Taylor-Adamsshocked3

Welcome to

Pur-T Marketing Madness


It may not be obvious, but this blog is about marketing.  Conventional, no. Conversational, yes. Technical, sometimes. Informative, yes. A little whacky, it can be if you want to be judgmental about it. Marketing having experienced a stay or two in the mental institution shouldn’t be relevant.

Our audience: entrepreneurs, home-based and small businesses, micro-enterprises, non-profits, causes, independent artists, labels, spoken word industry, African American market, and anyone who may be looking for any tried & tested, new perspective, innovative, and/or creative marketing ideas, strategies, and information.

What is marketing? Well, extremely simply put, marketing is the process to get from product/service to a sale.

Does everyone engage in marketing? YES. Huh? you may think. Look, we are all working to sell something at some point in time in our lives. You may be working to convince someone to give you a job, to be your mate or least, go on a date. Or you may be a customer service representative, the largest group of in denial, not properly trained positions in the world (there will be a separate blog to expound on this in more detail).

So, it doesn’t hurt to have some understanding of the process.  Relevancy?  Whether your in the marketing field and/or in business or not, Read My Blog!  At least skim it.  There’s value in the valley of marketing.

Thank you for stopping by; reading through.  Make comments, Stay tuned and BE PHENOMENAL.


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