if you really #LikeToSaveMoney…

if you really #liketosavemoney Get YOUR OWN MALL, Get CASH BACK http://ow.ly/2U6lG

The mall I refer to and recommend is the TaylorAdams4Me Blastoff Mall http://ppl.blastoffnetwork.com/TaylorAdams4me. Why? The mall is Clean. Modern. Easy  to Navigate. Offers Cash Back on 90% of Your Shopping and its Free.

I’ve investigated many online malls over the years. Most are either too junky, too hard to find what you want, or do not have what I usually buy. I have used and recommended iGive malls, because they have standard stores and items and you can donate the savings or cash back to a charity of your choice.

TaylorAdams4Me BLASTOFF Mall surpasses the iGive Mall in the areas of being easier to navigate, cleaner, and a more modern look and feel. While Blastoff, at this time, does not allow you to donate your savings to your favorite charity, use your Cash Back savings and additional revenue you can earn from other’s shopping to donate to your favorite charity. Save Money, Help Another, and Get A Tax Write-Off!

  1. Sign-up for your Free mall Now http://ppl.blastoffnetwork.com/TaylorAdams4me
  2. Complete your profile and back office.
  3. SAVE MONEY. Buy what you want and need from yourself and get CASH BACK.
  4. Share your mall with others. Testify to its attributes.
  5. If you have any questions or problems during the process, contact TaylorAdams Communications during the process at 215.774.1237!

One thought on “if you really #LikeToSaveMoney…

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