Eminent Domain: Know Your Target Audience

Knowing Your Target Audience is Marketing's Eminent Domain

Suffice it to say that such a thing as brand loyalty has become rare and it is the job of a good marketer to understand what makes the mind of the consumer tick. The advent of new technology within our global culture has created a faster than light mentality toward information. From an advertising and PR standpoint, the main concern is that the customer be sent the correct information, at the correct time and in the correct format.

There must be an understanding of the customer and their needs.  It is most important to understand the target audience. Essentially a marketing strategy is built around the core values, vision and objectives of the organization. In development of market strategy, one becomes aware that in order to have product, price, promotion or placement, the organization must have done its research on the market and the consumer need for its service. Without an understanding the targeted audience, the organization cannot market at all. It is important to work the product, its price, distribution and promotion around the needs of the people and of course, from there, work to persuade segments of the segment into wanting the product.

What many business people starting out really do not understand about marketing and understanding the average consumer is that more that likely the target is open to finding information about your product or service. It may be they are unaware the need is not satisfied yet but until the need is defined, they will not be receptive. They just need a little push in the right direction. Still it is your job and the purpose of the marketing strategy to define who should be looking for you.

Knowing your target audience is also eminent in developing your website. The variables that define your target audience also shape your site and how the search engines will guide potential clients to your virtual door. 

Ask yourself these questions to help you better understand who your business is working for; your target audience:

1.    Who does your product appeal to, and what are their general characteristics?

  • Start out broad. General attributes to consider are your target audience’s age, sex, location, income level, and marital status.

2.    What is their motivation for buying your product or services

  • In short, what is your customer’s pain? Why do they so badly need you? The point is your product adds some sort of value to their lives. Figure out what that value is.
  • Is your product something they need or something they want? Does having your product elevate their social status somehow? Does it make them feel better about themselves? Or is it something that merely entertains them?

3.    How does your target audience shop? To best market to your ideal customer, you need to figure out their purchasing habits.
Do they tend to make impulse purchases, or are they more rational, logical consumers?

  • Where do they shop? Online or in person?
  • Are they loyal to particular brands or are they always susceptible to jump ship?

4.    Where does your target audience congregate? In order to communicate with your target audience, you need to first know where they are.

  • By knowing exactly where your target audience is, you can focus your marketing efforts into those areas so that you have a better chance of capturing their attention.
    If your target audience is the teenage group, figure out which social networks and other websites they frequent most. Which type of physical establishments do they hang out in? Which TV and radio stations do they tune into? Which magazines do they read?


Next, Turning Your Friends and Family Into A Focus Group!


6 thoughts on “Eminent Domain: Know Your Target Audience

  1. Hey Jackie,

    I’m very proud of you for pushing forward and creating this venue. It seems to getting a of hits and attention, which shows progress, great job!

    I started reviewing the questions and I will complete them once I complete my homework for my online college course.

    Let’s have a conversation soon so I can learn more about your mission.


    1. Thank you, Steve. I thought you would have went through this exercise when you read the E-Myth 🙂 I realize it’s an exercise we need to do periodically throughout the life of our business.

  2. Jackie this is a wonderful blog! You are on point with the information sharing and precise questions and answers exercise that I too will be using… count me in I’m subscribing… but of course your work is always top notch! I like this and I thank God for trail blazers like you to help those out there working it out!

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