Have Them Say Your Name; Say Your Name!

Whats In A Name - Power and Perception by TaylorAdams Marketing -www.BEEDConference.com

What’s in a Name? Power and Perception
On the Internet, a domain name can be the first contact that a customer will have with you.  In addition to designating a web site location, a domain name also offers an identity for your company. It’s how people perceive you. If you have the domain name “FancyDiamonds.com,” everyone will automatically think of you when they want fancy diamonds.

A domain name is an asset.  Think of web addresses as Internet real estate. And the three rules in real estate apply: location, location, location!  Owning a good domain name is like owning  prime real estate, something that increases in value each passing year.
Domain name possibilities are key considerations when developing a brand name along with comprehension, being memorable, ease of pronunciation, negative and positive associations, competitors, and trademarks.  A domain name can help raise brand and product awareness for businesses and allow potential customers to easily access the websites.
Domain Name Extensions - Have Them Say Your Name blog post by Jacqueline Taylor-Adams - TaylorAdams4Me.com
One of the primary goals of advertising is to connect your company’s name and product in the minds of your customers, so that they will come to you when looking for that product. Gaining even one good customer because of an easy-to-remember domain name can be very profitable.

As we become increasingly intertwined in social media and communicate, consultant, advise, and recommend across the internet using our name, our name becomes part of our brand and has the same impact as that of your business name, ideas, and slogans.

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Leverage domain names for increased brand impact.  Even if your company already has a web site, you can directly link many different domain names into your existing site.  In traditional business, a company will not give their business a “generic” product name— “High Karat Gold,” for example —because you can’t legally protect “generic” business names.  But on the Internet, you can exclusively own generic names such as “HighKaratGold.com,” and have that product name link directly to your web site.
Once you’ve acquired a domain name, you own it exclusively, and anyone typing that name into their web browser will reach only you, not your competitors. Controlling an important domain name thus prevents your competitors from buying it and stealing future customers away from you.

You can also purchase domain names for the purpose of reselling them. While you are finding your buyers, you may generate additional income by pointing the domain names to “parked pages” or “landing pages.” Landing pages, can act as a search results page or you can design them to purposely point people to your affiliate products and services, and any other place you want them to go.

What is keeping you from owning your name? Why allow someone else to take your name hostage; to capitalize from your name and ideas identity? The more e-value your name, business, and ideas identity has across the net, the greater the chances some entity will buy your name and resell it to you at a minimum of 500% mark-up.
The present market for domain names is red-hot, fueled in part by the availability of purchase financing. The ability to finance the purchase of a domain name is driving the market.
For example, In 2006, a group of private investors purchased the domain name sex.com for an undisclosed amount rumored to be in excess of $12 million. The buyers were able to close the transaction using funding from a New Jersey investment firm, Domain Capital, LLC. Today, transactions in high-quality domain names are big business. Names like diamond.com, fund.com, and pizza.com frequently sell for seven or even eight figures.
A domain name is a valuable business asset, representing a global toll-free telephone number, prime real estate location, and extensive advertising all in one. Take action now. Your domain name is property. Take ownership today. Begin securing your name and ideas now. You’ll truly save money when registering your most significant properties for multiple years.
Have Them Say Your Name; Say Your Name!

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