Complete Checklist for Facebook Timeline for Brands | Community Managers | Social Media Today

Via Scoop.itPur-T Marketing Madness

by Lisa Barnett, Community Manager and Tia Fisher, Marketing Manager at eModeration…


You’ve seen what timeline does to your personal profiles…the same will happen to brand pages, so be prepared to get busy… you have things to do. 


…With a number of new features being added, Community Managers are going to have to look at their content closely to make sure it encourages more interaction with their fans.


We all know that fans only really come to the brand page once – the first time they find you and like you. So, to interact with them we have been relying on our content appearing in their newsfeed. Users have always had the ability to hide stories but now this action will seriously hinder the visibility level of getting your content appearing in their feed. This means that over time if a fan continues to unmark your stories or fails to like, vote, comment on your content, you will disappear from their newsfeed altogether. Your content will continue to appear in their ticker but it will lose its viralability as their wider network won’t will see it…



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