Sorting Out and Dealing with Different Types of Clients

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Psychological approach is also an effective strategy being used in business. Learning how to read the clients’ personality can give you advantage.

Jacqueline Taylor-Adams‘s insight:

I encountered this great reminder of personalities and strategies while searching for an image to support a post I’m writing entitled, I CAN DO IT MYSELF. As you absorb how to identify and deal with different types of clients, take moments of self evaluation and exam if any emotions and fears are driving your behaviors. This exercise will help you see driving emotions and fears in others and, thereby, help you to be able to calm those fears and provide those persons comfort. When you can master this, you will become a trusted source in the eyes of your target market and with existing customers.


From the Passive Aggressive, Family Friend, Down-player, Critic, Penny-pincher, "I-Could-Do-It-Myself"-er, and Control Freak to the Perfect Client, Sheena Dosdos will share strategies that will not only help you in business, but in life. Now, Go forth and learn…

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