6 Secrets To Branding, Ripped From “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”

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What do Raiders of the Lost Ark and Ikea have in common? They both create overtures–opening sequences that communicate what comes next.

Jacqueline Taylor-Adams‘s insight:

#Storytelling #Overture #PrimeTheAudience

By now, most of us get the message–we need to consider the entire customer journey, the complete experience, surrounding the products and services we offer to customers. But in this frenetic, multitasking, app-happy society, how do you prepare people to pay attention in the first place, let alone get actively involved in your carefully planned customer journey?

-Fast Company

6 Secrets To Branding, Ripped From “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” is a powerful piece in that it gives you a new framework through which to build your brand story and content marketing strategy.

What is even more evident is the power in visual storytelling and the growing sophistication of infographics.

Here’s your assignment, first quarter 2014 build or update your brand story. Need help? Feel free to contact me, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams at dobusiness@tayloradamsmarketing.com.

Now go forth, learn, and do your brandwork!  http://smarturl.it/6BrandingSecrets

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