MusicDish e-Journal – How To Best Make Use Of Your Spotify, YouTube and Deezer Platforms

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“…we have captured the tips dished out by the panel on Digital Distribution for these questions:

  1. How can an artist best make use of digital platforms such as Deezer, Spotify and YouTube?
  2. How often should artists put up new content to ensure that the audience stays and subscribes to the channel? 
  3. Does building other content such as playlists or behind the scenes videos have any impact in the number of streams or digital downloads of the album to be launched one month later?
  4. How often should we update our platforms?
  5. Does exclusive content increase the number of streams?
  6. Would you only work with artists with say, a minimum of 10,000 subscribers or 1000 likes on their Facebook page?
  7. If I were a musician to get my music out there, is it possible to do it without video?
  8. As an independent unsigned artist or band who has just recorded my album or single, how do I get my content out there on these channels (especially Spotify and Deezer)?
  9. Any interesting demographics that you can share about your platforms?
  10. Do you foresee in the future that musicians will move away from releasing full length albums or even EPs and market themselves solely through singles?

Jacqueline Taylor-Adams‘s insight:

AN IMPACC NOW #MUSTREAD – If you are serious about advancing your career and monetizing your music and/or spoken word, then read this article in it’s entirety.

I was sold early on in the article because the advice shared is more than surface. It’s to-the-point real indepth strategic advice.

Now, go and learn!

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