Creating Content That Converts Customers – 7 Steps To Creating Contents that Converts… seopodcast 188

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Join us today as we talk about the importance of SEO Landing Pages and how they should convert, creating content that converts customers, and also, having the right voice when addressing your audience.

Jacqueline Taylor-Adams‘s insight:

Thank you, Pauline C. for this diamond in the rough. Once you get through the six minutes of slapstick style promo, you get to the core of this  podcast, meat of the matter, 7 Steps To Creating Content that Converts Customers” by Charles Lewis.

  1. Do A/B Testing

  2. Use the right content format: what’s going to be the easiest way for your audience to engage

  3. Include a story – how your product / service helped someone, solve a problem, etc.

  4. Add stats, factual data, graphs, charts, etc relevant to the product

  5. Give real-time examples (use published examples – link to them) 

  6. Have the right voice, the right tone – make sure it translates well digitally – your personality should show through

  7. When blogging, Ask for comments – be creative, example… if you had this product how would you use it, etc.

I guess my #7 would be give a Call-To-Action. Asking for comments can be one of them. You just need to have a Call-To-Action and provide an easy way to respond whether it’s data collection, “buy” button, set an appointment, download, join, etc.
Listen to the podcast for more details (click the headline).
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