10 Reasons Why You Should Use Vine to Build Your Brand

Vine’s looping six-second videos can help marketers spread their messages across social media in innovative, powerful ways. Here are 10 reasons to use Vine for your next campaign.

Source: www.clickz.com

“Vine is much more than a shiny, new social toy. It’s got a lot more going for it than novelty. Vine presents brands with an innovative, surprisingly powerful way to take advantage of the fact that visual content performs well on social media.”

  1. It’s Easy to Use
  2. It’s Quick to Digest
  3. It’s Spur of the Moment
  4. It’s Convenient
  5. It’s Instructional
  6. It’s Entertaining
  7. It’s Engaging
  8. It’s a Creative Medium
  9. It’s Promotional
  10. It’s Measurable

Read on for more detail and strategy. Please, take this opportunity if you are not on Vine, to register with Vine and run a test campaign. Please, come back and report your results.


commentary provided by Marketing Strategist Jacqueline Taylor-Adams

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