Lesson from @ElonMusk: The Power of Innovating Together

We have a not-so-secret mancrush on Elon Musk, so we all swooned when he announced that Tesla Motors had open-sourced its electric vehicle technology patents.

Source: www.dtelepathy.com

Wow, talk about on point. At the Urban Tech Fair, through the adversity of its Founder, Executive Producer Jim Neusom, we are emerging with a new level of commitment to produce, a new level of clarity, and are being gifted to collaborate with some of the greatest minds in tech who all have a loving commitment to raise the level of living in our communities.

This article reiterates four key points that have evolved and been discussed as the Urban Tech Fair collaborates to help develop what we collectively call The Ecosystem, an innovation and tech ecosystem within our community. 

  1. we truly have exceptional talent and innovators that exist in our communities; recognized and unsung, developed and under developed
  2. collaboration is key to our collective success – we have to stop being scared and distrustful of one another – betterment over profit, the profitability will come
  3. build solid businesses – you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. we can’t expect to attract funding, investment and produce long term success if our businesses are not solid and thought through. at the same time we have the opportunity to build solid, profitable businesses via collective mentoring, support, and development
  4. go big or go home – Jim’s brain cancer survival reminds us that we have limited time, we have been brought into the company of one another on purpose for a purpose, and we must come together and produce

It’s been two and half years of gathering in the company of some of the best hearts, minds and innovators of our community and within the last three weeks we have had shaping conversations with

  • Scale Up America’s Co-Founder, Mike Green
  • Goddess of All Things Tech and Systematic, Technology Adoption Consultant and Advocate, Bonnie Sandy
  • Community and Small Business Strategist and Advocate, Lazone Grays, Jr., 
  • EduTech and Hines Media Group CEO, Jaymes Hines, and
  • Joseph Saulter, Musician, Actor, Video Game Designer, Co-founder of The Urban Video Game Academy, and CEO Entertainment Arts Research which is the first African American-owned 3D video-game development company in the United States. 
  • Check out our Give-A-Thon and SolutionCast pages to experience some of the wisdom and genius from our community including Cairo Qween, Shimon Warden, Jason Moore, Leo Sullivan, Curlen Phipps, Paul Jackson, Ty McDuffie , Jonathan Sinclair, and many more.

Our hope is after reading this commentary and the article above, you will be reinvigorated, motivated, will have gained knowledge and strategy, and then ask how you may help develop and shape The Ecosystem.


commentary by Jacqueline Taylor-Adams, Chairperson / CMO, Urban Tech Fair. To learn more about the Urban Tech Fair visit www.UrbanTechFair.org

See on Scoop.itURBAN TECH FAIR: Access . Education . Commerce


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