Pinterest Secrets: Images that Receive the Best Engagement

There are some types of images that lead to more engagement, clicks, and purchases than others. Here are some Pinterest secrets for image sharing.


If you ever felt you were floating on Pinterest without a specific strategy than sharing gorgeous dynamic images, then this article by Annie Pilon on Small Business Trends will give you clear strategic direction in two minutes or less.

We all have a limited amount of time, funds, and energy to do business and manage our lives that’s why strategy and planning are so important. A strategic plans allows us to maximize our existing resources while achieving the best quality and outcomes for the least cost expending the least amount of energy. So, Annie, thank you for making our lives just a little more strategic!

Read complete article Pinterest Images that Receive the Best Engagement


commentary by Jacqueline Taylor-Adams, Marketing Strategist. Enjoy a complimentary 30 minute marketing consultation. Call 1 (877) 552-7012, ext. 1111 or email

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