The 3Ps of Great Connected Marketing | Project Reconnect

As part of our work with the World Federation of Advertisers, we’ve been exploring the factors that define best practice marketing in today’s connected age.

Last month, we shared the marketing activities that the world’s top marketers believe are setting today’s gold standard, and what those particular brands do to succeed and stand out…


Must Read. If you feel you are engaging all the right marketing tactics, but are not generating the leads, conversions, and/or loyalty that you desire, then maybe your off your Ps.

What drew me in? “Connected” in the headline.  Beyond being digitally connected, many times one may not feel connected to the audience. Then, an entire mind shift happened when I read the words on the image, “WE NEED TO THINK OF PEOPLE AS PART OF OUR BRANDS, NOT AS OUR ‘CONSUMERS.”

Minakshi presents The 3Ps of Great Connected Marketing across Purpose, Principles, and Participation in a three minute read that goes in depth with a great SlideShare and video. Here’s some wisdom I that connected with me:

  • Making a profit isn’t compelling to anyone outside of your company
  • For your customers… products and services are simply a means to an end
  • As a result, our role as marketers isn’t to make better things; rather, it’s to make things better – to make valuable contributions to people’s lives
  • Top marketers consistently highlight traits like transparency, sincerity and integrity
  • In a ‘media’ environment that is increasingly dominated by user-controlled devices…something more interesting, compelling and valuable than your advert is only a quick finger movement away.
  • Above all, brands need to demonstrate empathy
  • We need to replace interruption with interaction.

Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve wet your appetite for details! So, go forth and learn. (imagine me doing Dr. Spok’s Romulan gesture! lol)


commentary by Marketing Strategist, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams

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