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Facebook Tests Pinterest-Style Feature Called ‘Collections’

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Learn about the newest attempt to make Facebook even more visual, a feature called ‘Collections.’…


On Monday Oct 8, 2012, Facebook began testing a new feature called ‘Collections,’ which allows marketers to add “Want” or “Collect” buttons to news feed posts about products… || Read more:


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Introducing Group Publishing from Viralheat

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Viralheat recently added Publishing Groups to its extensive Publishing suite. These groups save users time by allowing them to post the same message to selected social media accounts simultaneously. You can create a group, include select specific accounts, and save the group for future use. There’s a variety of ways groups…

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Twitter Bio, A Social Media Must Have

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Did you realize that most of the time, your bio on Twitter is the determing factor for whether people will or will not follow you? It’s a make or break point. The more concise your bio, the more you attract “targeted” followers. Many people think the more followers the better, but the truth is, according to Lauren Dugan, Co-Editor of All Twitter, “the number of followers you have doesn’t usually matter as much as the quality of followers you have, especially if you use Twitter for business.”

What does your bio say?

Statistics say Twitter profiles that have a bio will attract up to eight (8) times more followers than profiles without bios. You have 160 characters to make an impact and activate action. This task can be quite a challenge. Here are some tips:

  • You don’t have to tell us everything about you. Get your priorities straight. You are a complex person and your business is too. It might take some serious thinking, but you need to prioritize just what it is you want to get across to your followers that defines you. Being a happy husband, a proud daddy and a golf addict might be large parts of who you are, but if you are using Twitter to promote your online graphics designing business, these might not have a place in such a short bio.
  • Focus on critical keywords that describe you and/or what you do. Think about it as SEO for Twitter. Think about things that people would search for to find you, and try to include those keywords in your Twitter bio. Your followers will be more likely to stick if they were searching and found you based on relevant keywords.
  • Think about what kind of followers you want to attract
  • Be real; be you. Describe yourself, what you do. Mention your hobbies, interests, and/or niche, industry (what you mention should be relative to your profile’s focus). Why are you on Twitter in the first place? Try to answer this question in your bio. You don’t have to do it directly, but if your bio says you are a social media expert and all you do is share cat photos and videos on Twitter, your followers will probably start to fall off.
  • For heaven’s sake, don’t tell us you are an expert or guru!

Include a website in your Twitter profile. When the website supports your bio, you increase confidence in your profile. Now, you just have to make sure tweets stay relevant.

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My twitter bio says:  @TaylorAdams4Me
Simply building branding and business: sponsorship properties, advertising, marketing consultation, business development and telcomm products and services.

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Young Women Power Users Behind Facebook And Twitter

Written by Anthony West

Facebook and Twitter has become the de facto hangout for the young and hip. But inside this demographic, a certain picture is taking shape. It’s a picture that suggests that the people who hold the most influence and dominate the social media conversation are women, particularly young women.

According to a report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, young women outnumber men in terms of the concentration of use. This concentration of use has allowed researchers to label these users as ‘power users’, a term which denotes the weight of this group’s presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter. The research pointed to the fact that 89% of women 18-29 are connected socially, and have outnumbered men since 2009.  Read more