Verizon an ISP, Phone Co, Cable Co or What?

Verizon To Launch New Media Service in July 2011

From the beat of the Digital Drummer, Jim Neusom…

Verizon announces new media utility – that streams to Any device, On any platform, At any time, On demand Hmmm is Verizon an ISP, Phone Co, Cable Co..or What???

Entrepreneur, tech and marketing blogger, Jim Neusom, known on the net as the Digital Drummer, after re-posting Computerworld’s article, “Verizon to launch digital media service in July,” asked the question that is probably on all of our minds.

According to Computerworld, on Monday, April 11, 2011, Verizon announced its new media utility service, now in beta with nine charter content-creation companies, will be available for commercial release sometime in July of this year.

This new B2B is designed to help advertising, media and entertainment companies automate delivery of on-demand content to consumers on their TVs, smartphones and tablets…

Well, Jim, I’m sure Verizon realized it is no longer a monoloply in the telecommunications industry, and that it must diversify to stay competitive. What better way than maxizmizing and leveraging its available resources.

After the launch of Verizon’s websites for small businesses, it appears Verizon, along with the banking, advertising, and many other industries, is going for increase of the small business market share. For years, Verizon’s Centrex service was the dominent business phone service. Well, Centrex came to be a costly service that was hard to budget. As a consequence, small to mid-size businesses sought more economical options. Then, as deregulation and access to technology grew, so did Verizon’s competition. At first almost no companies could compete with Centrex’s features and ease of programming, but by early 2000, competition in the small business market grew while Verizon’s superb quality tech  support began to dissipate.

Businesses as opposed to residents, are much more loyal in their telecommunications providers. Now as television and advertising emerge more cost effectively across telecommunication platforms, kudos to Verizon for making some great strategic moves to stay competitive and revelant.

David Rips, president of Verizon Digital Media Services, states, “We are going to be the world’s first fully automated, end-to-end digital media utility that generates enormous economies of scale and true unicast [media] streams to any device, on any platform, at any time that consumers want it, on demand.” Read more at Computerworld

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